There is a fierce competition in the music industry today. Every artist, no matter how good they are, is struggling to get more audience. It is very easy get stuck in in the loophole of bad marketing where your music only reaches a limited audience.

There is a way and it is ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’.

With the advent of social media, it has become easier to reach mass audience but because it is easily accessible, a lot of people have started doing it. This has lead to a huge increase in competition. It is not easy to cut out competition but there sure are ways. With the right strategies, one can cut through the noise and gather more audience.

Since it is all about using the right strategies, in this article I will talk about 4 ways you can boost your social media presence and achieve what you always wanted.


Stop using ‘ME’ and start using ‘WE’


Your artist page is about you but that does not mean you will only talk about yourself. Think of it as a friend of yours who only talks about himself. If you only talk about yourself, people will get fed up and start ignoring you. The world does not like narcissism and the earlier you understand, better it is.

No matter if you are a band or a solo artist, you need to build a community. You need to engage people by involving them in discussions, competitions etc. Asking for device on your rough demos and ideas is also a great way. People want to be a part of the journey, so that they can have feelings about the final product. Just throwing finished songs and videos at them, makes them ignorant towards your music.

So focus on ‘WE’ and build a community around yourself.

Remember to use each social media platform judiciously


YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr; while all of these are classified as social media platforms, they differ from each other in a lot of ways. Each of them is used by a different set of people and the algorithms they use also vary.

While it is okay to post casual videos on Instagram, YouTube audience only appreciate serious videos. On twitter it is a common thing to put an update every 1 or 2 hours, but if the same thing is done on Facebook it can have a negative impact.

What I mean to say is that each platform is different and hence they need to be used differently. Repeating the same kinds of posts on all the platforms is a bad idea. Only after understanding the type of audience and algorithms of each platform, the posts should be made. The frequency and content of each post should also be determined after thorough analysis of each platform.

With that being said, it is okay to make mistakes. Mistakes will always reveal more things and make you well informed for the future.


Stop focusing on numbers


100 organic followers paying $500 per month for your music are much better than 10,000 Facebook likes paying $0.

It does not matter how many followers you have, what matters is that how many of them are organic and real fans. Huge numbers just make you happy but do not provide any real gains. Real gains only come from true fans that really like your music and want to support you.

So start gathering more people in your mailing list, start interacting with more fans after the show.

Grow organically and you will see how much beneficial it will be in the long run.


Set clear goals


A goal is a dream with a plan.

All the tips mentioned above are of no use if you don’t set goals. Setting no goals and only using parlor tricks to engage audience, can only work till a certain point. After sometime people will know that this artist does not know what he is doing and they will stop reacting.

So take time, think, analyze and set goals. Set a big goal and then smaller goals.

For example: A big goal might sound like ‘I want to have 1000 YouTube subscribers in three months’, now smaller goals will include making a video every week and deciding the content of each video well in advance. Trust me, small steps like these can lead to achievements that you once thought were impossible and beyond your reach.


So set goals and start NOW.