Talking about synth drops, the first soft synths that come to one’s mind are Serum, Sylenth or Massive. It is very rare when someone talks about using Waves – Element 2.0. Nevertheless, today we are going to create an amazing sounding drop using the same and show how useful it is.


Getting Started


  1. Once you have programmed your beat and basic chords, Open Element 2.0.


Here is how my basic beat and chords sound:




So, here is how Element 2.0 looks like at full reset.



  1. In oscillator 1, move the sine mod knob to 12 0’clock, and the Octave to 2’.



  1. In the oscillator 2, change the wave type.



  1. Now, in the Mix Section, turn the


  • Sub to 11 0’clock
  • Noise to 2 0’clock
  • Mix between the two oscillators as shown in the Image below.



  1. Additionally, in the VCF change the Envelope knob to 2 0’clock.



  1. Then change the LFO 1 to Triangle Waveform.



  1. Next, change the VCA and ENV 3 parameters as shown in the pictures below.



  1. After that, do the following things in the FX Section:


  • Crusher knob at 11 0’clock
  • Delay Mix at 9 0’ clock
  • Reverb at 1 0’ clock
  • Chorus at 2 0’clock




  1. In the EQ section, High pass at 10 o’clock and increase the 100Hz fader slightly up.



  1. Lastly, set the gain to 3 0’clock.



Now the patch should sound something like this:



Additional low-end layering


Since the patch in itself doesn’t have a sufficient low end, I have provided the low end using massive, piano chords and Sub Bass.


  • You can download the 2 massive patches here.


  • You can use any sub bass.



PS: You just need to play chord roots for sub bass and Massive patches because it will sound too muddy of you play the whole chord. For the piano use full chords. In the end, some additional Equalization will be required to make it compliment to the Element patch.



Patch with the additional low-end:




Final Patch with the beat:




Download the Final Element Patch here.