Electronic rock music combines conventional rock instruments, such as the guitar, bass, drums, and lead vocals, with electronic instruments, including synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines. Electro-rock can be traced back to the late 1960s. However, it has evolved significantly over several decades. It usually includes elements from New Wave, Psychedelic Rock, Industrial Rock, Heavy Metal, Synthpop, Electronica, and EDM. 

The electronic rock genre encompasses some prominent musical groups. These include Depeche Mode, Moby, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, Panic!, Radiohead, and At the Disco. These subgenres have achieved significant commercial success over the years. Although not well recognized by mainstream audiences, several other electronic music acts have flourished within the alternative rock movement. These groups encompass Celldweller,  Innerpartysystem, LCD Soundsystem, Ratatat, and Starset. Similar to the majority of electronic music genres.

Origin of Electronic Rock

The origins of electronic rock music trace back to the latter half of the 1960s. The emergence of electronic instruments in the commercial market marked that period. Prominent German musical groups such as Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, who were at the forefront of the krautrock movement, demonstrated the significant influence that synthesizers could exert within rock and pop music. American psychedelic rock bands such as Silver Apples and Beaver & Krause employed early analog synthesizers to craft immersive sonic landscapes.

During the latter part of the 1970s, many electronic music ensembles gainered significant recognition from popular audiences. This included renowned groups such as Gary Numan, Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), and A Flock of Seagulls. During the 1980s, electronic drum machines, samplers, and synthesizers had a pivotal role in defining the auditory landscape of popular music genres such as new wave, electropop, and hip-hop. In certain instances, musicians have been seen to completely forsake the usage of rock instruments, notably within dance genres such as Breakbeat,  Chicago house, and Detroit techno.

Notable Legends

In the aftermath of the 1980s, several practitioners of electronic rock music showed a simultaneous dedication to both electronic and conventional musical instruments. Various musical groups, from the 1990s with notable acts such as Filter and  Nine Inch Nails, Pendulum, Panic! and Imagine Dragons, made this electronic rock styles throughout the twenty-first century . Panic! At the Disco has successfully attracted the interest of musicians from both the electronic music and rock music genres through their adept incorporation of elements from both realms of electro-rock

Kraftwerk may be identified as the pioneering band for the electronic rock genre. The German krautrock pioneers expeditiously embraced the emerging electronic synthesizers and started producing captivating electronic music. The initial musical productions of Kraftwerk incorporate a diverse range of instruments, including the guitar, organ, bass guitar, drums, and percussion. However, as their discography progressed, there was a notable shift towards a predominant utilization of synthesizers.

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