Gating, as an audio effect, has been around for quite some time. It is a straightforward process that, when used properly, produces excellent results. You can use it for many processes like the reduction of unwanted external sounds, reduction of natural channel noise, or simply as an effect. For this reason, in the next tutorial, we will guide you through soma extreme rhythmical manipulation withe the noise gate effect


Infected Mushroom Gatekeeper

In the past two decades, many gating effects were introduced. However, recently, I came across a software plugin that primarily functions as a gating effect, but besides that, it offers so much more. This effect is called “Gatekeeper,” and it has been designed by PsyTrance veterans Infected Mushroom in collaboration with Polyverse music. In the next tutorial, I will go through its main functionalities and give you some examples of what this plugin is capable of.


Let’s start gating 

Firstly, I have made a short pattern in the SoundBridge: DAW, which contains some essential elements like a kick drum, bassline, rhythm, and a couple of layered synth sequences. Let’s hear how it sounds.


~Full mix – Without Gatekeeper



Gatekeeper is a volume modulation plugin capable of pseudo-sidechain, compression, MIDI gating, or LFO movement, to mention a few. Once we load it, we can see a complex interface containing various parameters.



Unlike other competitive plugin solutions, it contains eight different envelope engines. You can find them in the upper left section of the interface and can create some very complicated sequences. Also, if you click on the pencil tool at the bottom of the interface, you get a section with various envelope shapes, which are quite useful. Just like all Polyverse Music plugins, it’s offering a large number of presets. So let’s see how it sounds in the chord sequence that I have made. Firstly, here is how it sounds without it.


~Chord sequence – Unprocessed

~Chord sequence – Processed with the Gatekeeper


Furthermore, it could be interesting to apply the effect on the bassline as well. So let’s hear how that sounds followed by drums. Here is the bassline before and after applying the effect.



Bassline- Unprocessed

~Bassline- Processed with the Gatekeeper


There are countless options in terms of rhythmical manipulation of the sound with this plugin, so I strongly encourage you to try it yourself.