A PDF Manual for Soundbridge 2 would be great.

Music Production Forums General Section A PDF Manual for Soundbridge 2 would be great.

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    Both I and others are requesting a PDF Manual for SoundBridge 2 that is explaining the functions so detailed that every beginner could learn how to use the DAW professional.

    It does not have to be perfect from the beginning. You could start with explaining the basics of Soundbridge2 and release the PDF-Manual for download and then later update the PDF-Manual with more information, better explanations, new function descriptions, etc. You could release a new PDF-Manual once/twice a month, on your homepage, even if the changes/updates are small.
    Further in time the Manual will be updated enough to be a perfect and detailed guide, for everyone, in how to use, the newest version, of SoundBridge.



    You can look in the Product Tutorial section of our Blog.
    Product Tutorials


    please send the manual my system keep crashing when i press the question mark


    A manual would be very interesting. This Daw is too complex and complete to have just one online manual and the consultation of topics is difficult because the blog does not present in chronological order, which makes it tiring to look for doubts in it.


    I even created a Facebook group here in Brazil (because, so far I don’t know any) about SoundBrige, it’s starting to grow and people are charging me a lot for a manual


    Good morning !
    I installed your Soundbridge software and I like it very much please I would like to have the instructions in French ( PDF ) if possible.
    Thanks a lot for the help!
    Translation from Google Translate

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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