Are there organizational features? Labels Perhaps?

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    Hey SBFam

    Some of my projects are getting out of hand. Longer projects tend throw typical song structure out the door. Does SoundBridge provide organizational capabilities beyond grouping? Nested grouping, of course, is a fantastic feature. I just want to know if there are other options. I swear on Grandma QuickTurn’s life that a YouTube video exists with regards to labeling. I just can’t find it.

    Grandma QuickTurn

    One last thing – Is there a preset keystroke that sends me back to the beginning of the transport bar? Scrolling can take forever. My hack approach now is to make sure Follow is checked, double-click Stop to reset the rabbit, and click Play->Stop.

    Thanks for the great DAW! I’m learning more each day. Eventually I’ll stop making stupid graphics and make questionable music instead.

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