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    Hi I’m using my Beatstep as a controller in RitMix the pads work fine, But I want to assign the rotary encoders to some parameters in the Edit Window namely the ‘Semi-tone’ and ‘Cent’ controls in the Pitch FX.

    How do I do this??



    Assigning is done through the DAW. In SoundBridge you can activate the “Read” button on the plugin box in the insert rack and move the wanted parameter. After that disable the “Read” button and the wanted parameter will be added to automation. Assigning MIDI control to that parameter is done from the MIDI mapping editor that resides in the same place as the MIDI or Audio editor in SoundBridge.

    Hope this helped.


    Thats fine for the DAW, but how do I assign midi in RitMix?
    There are several parameters I would like to control with a midi controller within RitMix, but i dont see any way to do that, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘Midi Map’ feature within RitMix.



    You can not assign MIDI mapping directly in RitMix it is done through the DAW. Just follow the process in my previous message.


    I tried that and it doesn’t work, the automation isn’t saved.
    There must be an easier way


    To record automation you have the activate the “Arm Automation” button on the track where you want automation recorded.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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