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    Authentication Failed

    Anyone know how or why I am receiving this error message? It’s definitely not the log in details as I use the same to log on to the site.


    To provide some more info, I’m running version 1.12 on Windows 7.

    It’s specified for Windows 10, so I’m not sure if this is the issue? Although I’ve been using it fine for the last couple of months without any problems. It’s also a work laptop so upgrading the OS isn’t an option.

    Thanks in advance!


    Windows 7 should not pose a problem.

    Try changing your password on the website and then try to log into SoundBridge application using that new password.


    I’ve already tried resetting my password, as well as creating a new log in. Re-installing the software also does nothing.


    This error also could indicate that SoundBridge does not have access to the internet.
    Please check that the firewall is not preventing the connection.


    Hi, i’m having the same error in Windows 10. I allowed the program to pass through the firewall (both public and private networks) but nothing changed. In my account settings in the website i have a section that says “Unlock a computer for $50” (or any valid donation value). Should i make a donation in order to use this software?


    Well, don’t mind me. I just had to reset my password


    Same problem, no support team, uninstalled and reinstalled twice, changed the password on account (twice).
    DAW is useless. Uninstalling for the last time. Rolls eyes



    If changing your password does not help, email the support they will reset your password for you.
    This usually resolves it.


    I’m not aware of any support much less an email address?
    I haven’t found anything like that on this site??



    The email for support is:

    It is in the footer of every page on the website.



    Same probleme here. With WIN10-64 Pro.
    Internet connetion OK, I can can connect to on the side.
    Password reseted with strength composition rules.
    Tried to exec as admin.
    tried to reinstall.
    Tried to relaunch after install.
    tried to reboot the system…


    By reseting the password from the login page, and keeping the autogenerated password, it is now working for me!



    Great info, your method worked for me too, thx !!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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