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    Hi, I just tried Soundbridge, and I instantly fell in love with it, it’s simplicity, it’s UI’s design, look, and feel, everything is included to make music, no more, no less, no complication, and the Ritmix drum machine, is what I was looking for, great design for UI/UX, very intuitive, simple and powerful…And all of this for free…I love you guys 🙂 😀

    But, even though it is great, and promising, and will probably use it a lot, I don’t dare at the moment, as when I created an audio recording, and tried to trim the recorded audio in the audio channel, the software crashed, and all of my work was lost….

    I’d also like to ask 2 questions, that I couldn’t figure out:
    1. How can I do Midi Mapping in Soundbridge?
    2. How can I import external drum kits and samples, to create custom drum kits in Ritmix?

    Also I would like to know, if you plan to create a looping-clip-based live performance mode like in Ableton Live, Bitwig, Motu Digital Performer, and Mixcraft? I know it might take some time to release it, but it would be definitiely great to have it…:)



    1. MIDI mapping is located where the editors are and the mini mixer, right under the sequencer (shortcut to open that widget is the key “2” on your keyboard).
    2. You can drag and drop audio files onto the drum pads in RitMix, you also have a load button underneath each drum pad.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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