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    Everytime i try open it it crashes while loading. My laptop is 64 bit and i’ve tried both 64 and 32 bit software and same problem. Help anyone?


    any message about the crash?



    Do you have a VST directory added in SoundBridge?
    Does SoundBridge offer you to add any VST’s to the Blacklist on the next startup after a crash?


    Hi SoundBridge,
    I saved my work many times, and even duplicated the file onto my desktop.
    However in the morning, all the work I worked on the past 4 months, has gone overnight. The file is still there, however all my vocal recordings that I recorded in Soundbridge has gone.

    Can you please help??



    Have you duplicated the entire project folder? If so, then the files must be in the project folder.
    Can you find them in the project folder?


    First time downloading and everytime i open the program it crashes, theres no message other than email soundbridge. Help please


    hello soundbridge

    theres an issue everytime i press the play button, everytime when i do that it keeps on crashing, and a pop up apears that a document is causing the crash im confused



    If you are referring to the “SoundBridge.log” document that is not the file that is causing the crash.

    It is the file that the support would need to try and deduct on what is causing the crash.

    Please try changing your audio driver, if the crash happens only on playback.

    You can also try resetting SoundBridge.

    You can do that by holding the “CTRL” key on your keyboard while SoundBridge is starting. (Please press the CTRL key RIGHT AFTER you double click the SoundBridge icon to start it.)


    Soundbridge is crashing some time after boot. It also causes other apps to crash along with it.
    There is no .log file in the CrashReports folder.


    My soundbridge is crashing again and again
    After coping vocals


    Using the CTRL key immediately after starting does the trick!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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