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    Hey all, I’m using Windows 10 and can’t set up my interface with SoundBridge, as it thinks that something’s using my interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2). Even when I don’t have a single other program or sound settings open.

    I’ve tried toggling exclusive control on both the line in and line out in Windows 10’s horrific audio settings. Every other audio program outputs sound just fine in turn when I try them.

    These are my audio settings in SoundBridge:

    If somebody could please lend some useful advice, then I’ll be able to use this program in good faith and give it an honest go before deciding what I think about it. I do want to donate to the project if I get some use out of it–all I’m trying to do a at the moment is try a new bass through a VST and I can’t even do that.

    Cheers guys.




    Please try using an ASIO driver that Scarlet provides, not MME. I think this will solve your problem.

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    I am not currently only working on my laptop with the inbuilt soundcard and also having this issue. Any advice would be great?




    Try changing the audio driver, that would be the best solution. Try changing to WASAPI if ASIO is unavailable, or download ASIO4ALL driver from the internet.


    i have the same issue too. After downloading ASIO4ALL, my Soundbridge crashed everytime I open it. Can’t solve the issue, anyone has other suggestions? My default speaker is Realtek. Tried changing to Windows output, but still does not work. Pls help, thank you.




    If you are experiencing a crash on startup follow the steps in our “Experiencing a crash on startup?” FAQ article.
    Find it here:

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