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    Let me start off by saying SoundBridge has been amazing bit of software. I’ve come pretty far but have a long way to go. That said, I would like to know what a fair donation would be. I’m on disability (motorcycle accident) and lost 25+ years of programming knowledge/experience as if someone pulled the drain. I’m trying to relearn the basics of programming. But music seemingly transcends my logic barriers. I use it to fill my time. SoundBridge is the one DAW that captures my fleeting attention span. Though I do get tired of having to relearn some of the same concepts that I learned yesterday. So… again. I really want to support SoundBridge, but I haven’t been able to nail down an appropriate donation amount. Can anyone help? I may have to save up, but it would be worth it!



    Thanks for reaching out and using SoundBridge.

    All donations are appreciated, regardless of the amount.

    However, $10 USD is the minimum donation amount.

    The SoundBridge Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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