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    As you may suspect from the topic title, I am brand new to music. I’m interested in learning piano, but before I invest $1k (O_O) in a beginner digital piano, I’m trying out an M-Audio Keystation 61es from a friend.

    It started out not quite what I was looking for, in that it has to be connected to a computer to even generate sound. So I did that, and then I find that I need software to do it. So I look for some stuff, eventually coming across SoundBridge as a Windows alternative to GarageBand (which is what my friend has). Install it. Load it. Push keys on the Keystation, and no sound.

    So what now? I opened a new project, and…. and what?

    Thanks for your help!



    SoundBridge is a Digital Audio Workstation, that means that it by definition does much more than just play sound when a MIDI keyboard is used. That being said to get to the desired result you are seeking you need to configure a few things.

    First thing you need is a virtual instrument that will produce the sound. These are called VST Instruments.
    You can find a lot of free VST Instruments online. Google is your friend here.

    Once you have found a VST Instrument you need (I presume it a piano emulation of some sort) you need to install it on your computer and tell SoundBridge where its .dll file is located. Virtual instruments are packed as files that have an extension .dll and SoundBridge needs to know which folder they are in.

    So after your VST Instrument is installed open SoundBridge go to Preferences > VST section and add a directory containing that .dll file. After that Restart SoundBridge and the VST Instrument should appear in the Plugin Browser in SoundBridge (the area on the left in SoundBridge in which you can find audio files to add to a project or plugins).

    Once you find it there drag and drop it into your sequencer and it will load onto a new MIDI track. Arm that MIDI track, make sure it’s input is your MIDI keyboard and play away.

    You can also write to SoundBridge support. They offer assistance via Google Hangouts, I’m sure they can help you do this in a few minutes.


    What preset to use for Soundbridge on an Akai mpk249, getting no sound so far, FL Studio OK


    Please write to support about your issue,


    The actual Version 2.2.1 works pretty well with my Midiboard Akai MPKmini.
    There no issue playing a Synth inside SoundBridge.

    M-Audio Keystation 61es is a Midi controller for around 50 – 100 €.
    If it is contected to the Computer its should be inside SB as well.

    A Midi controller controls Software mostly Digital Synths inside a DAW.

    A digital Piano is a Hardware Synth where you just need Headphones, no Computer,
    the sound comes from inside the Piano.

    My Midi Device works in FL, Bitwig, Renoise and SoundBridge.
    At the Akai Person, try the latest Version and watch out that the Device is correct connected to the Computer.
    There should be no issues.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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