How do you open Ritmix? Within Soundbridge? Or at all?

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    I have installed Soundbridge and Ritmix but I do not know how to open Ritmix. I have added directories to plugins in preferences and so on, but in the videos on youtube, Ritmix seems to be a standalone program that can be used within Soundbridge, with drum pads etc. Sorry for a stupid question, but how do I get to that?


    Ritmix can be accessed by clicking on the file system in the command centre > Plug ins & then VST folder under instrument/synth


    RitMix is not a standalone program but a VST plugin. You can access it as any other VST instrument.
    Provided you added the folder containing the RitMix vst to the “Preferences > VST” section it should be available in the VST browser of SoundBridge.


    I can´t find Ritmix at all in Soundbridge, even going to preferences, VST, and searching the folder where i installed Ritmix :(…help pls



    When you go to the Preferences > VST section, you are supposed to just add the Folder where RitMix.dll is located.

    You will not be able to see any files in the folder when adding a Directory to the list in Preferences.

    Just add that folder and click the “Find New” button.

    After that RitMix should be visible in the Plugin browser.

    Just click on VST2 or VST3 and search for RitMix using the search bar on top of the plugin browser.



    For me i have a somewhat different problem, my Ritmix crashes the Soundbridge application as soon as I click the “find new” button in the preferences>VST ‘section’

    hlp me



    That is strange…

    It would be best to write to support:


    I installed soundbridge but i can’t find any ritmix folder. So is ritmix and soundbridge install seperately? If it is how do i install?



    SoundBridge and RitMix have separate installations. You can download both in your “My Products” page.

    Check this video on how to install VST plugins and add them to SoundBridge:

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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