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    I am using Soundbridge on a Mac with the usual Apple mouse which has one finger vertical and horizontal scroll.

    Unfortunately it creates a lot of weird user experience glitches and in particular:
    1) in the “track edit panel”, when scrolling horizontally to go to the beginning or end of the notes, it also does some vertical scrolling and as the vertical axis is really long (all the keyboard’s notes) it’s moving me to totally unwanted areas of this panel => almost impossible to scroll efficiently so I have to use the left and right arrow buttons which are really slow and not always working

    2) when scrolling in a panel containing some selection dropdowns, then scrolling over the whole panel actually changes the selection of the dropdowns hovered over during the scrolling although I haven’t even clicked on them. For example when mouse scrolling in the list of tracks it also changes my track input selectors => it messed up my configuration a few times and I noticed only later on

    I can send screenshots or videos to illustrate these frustrating issues (and besides that I really like this software!!) but meanwhile please let me know if you know any trick to overcome these issues.


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