How to drag MIDI to existing track?

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    FOr example, I have preset chords downloaded. When I drag them to a track, Soundbridge always creates a new track for them. I want to be able to drag them to existing tracks.

    Is this possible?


    Right now, SoundBridge imports MIDI files onto new tracks. You can always drag those MIDI blocks to any track you like, after import.


    I can’t seem to drag and drop a midi file (exported from MuseScore) into a new midi track. It seems like it should (shows the little + icon when dragging), but when I release the mouse button, it flashes back toward the file list and nothing happens. Is there something I have missed? Should the midi file be formatted in any particular way (for example, mine include meter and tempo information) Thank you.


    MuseScore midi files might have a lot of information that SB can’t import, but generally, that should not be an issue. However, you can try to export a midi file from MuseScore with different settings and see if you get the same result.


    I did finally import midi from MuseScore into Soundbridge, but I first had to import the MuseScore midi output into the LMMS DAW, then export from LMMS as a Midi file. Soundbridge could then open the Midi file. I don’t know what the difference is beteen LMMS and Soundbridge that allows LMMs to recognize the MuseScore Midi output, and how LMMS then changes the Midi format so that Soundbridge recognizes it. I post this just in case anyone is interested.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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