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    With all due respect, SoundBridge team, it’s impossible to configure the size % on a 4K screen, impossible to read the controls, if they don’t make this DAW scalable on high resolution monitors it’s unusable, it only lasted 5 minutes on my computer. I couldn’t even get to record a line with my VST Synths simply because it doesn’t detect them by ‘default’…seriously SoundBridge programmers?…the software has to, by default, recognize and organize the VSTs automatically the first time you turn it on, with a simple scan of the VSTs folder, Steinberg, etc. Then we would have something quick to start with, the same applies to effects. This DAW is conceptually fine, practically it’s a real piece of crap for 2023. Maybe they don’t like to hear the criticism, but I’ve been using DAW for 30 years. Wake up those programmers for God’s sake!


    I like its simplicity. Perhaps you should go back to Ardour. I like to know where stuff is, and I dont mind scanning the directories into the program… it only needs to do it when I add a new VST. Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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