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    So when I open Soundbridge and load a project (or I directly load the project), it loads for a short while then just closes the program. No warnings or errors. When I open Soundbridge again it SOMETIMES asks if I want to open previously saved work, but it only opens the new project canvas from when it closed.

    I have tried resetting Soundbridge using the CTRL method (opening Soundbridge and then immediately holding the control button), which it sorta worked (some plugins were missing). Unfortunately the problem continued if exited and opened it again, same goes with the Example Project Soundbridge offers. I have also tried reinstalling Soundbridge, but the problem still continues.
    Anyone else got this problem? Any help would be appreciated.



    Have you written to support about this?



    Yes I have written to support, but no feedback yet.

    I have been able to open projects, but only for a few times. Then it would revert back to the same problem for a while, then the process repeats.

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    I found your email sent to support.

    It has been answered to and we are awaiting your answer with some helpfull details.

    I hope we can resolve this for you, and fast.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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