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    I’m pretty new to Soundbridge and I can’t figure out an efficient way to loop record. I’ve run into the following problems:

    1. The recorded notes are only played when the recording stops. Ideally, I would want to record a loop and then when it starts over I could hear what I just played. This means I can’t record in one big loop because I have no sense of what I just played. Is there a way to tweak this so the recorded notes make sounds even while recording? This is the biggest issue for me
    2. I notice a lot of cutting on the timeline while loop recording. Now I haven’t identified what causes it, but I think just stopping the recording in the middle of the phrase will just cut it. How can I control what’s happening here?

    Thank you for your responses in advance!



    1. Right now you can only hear the previously recorded MIDI once you stop and start recording MIDI over it again.

    2. When recording in a loop the last uncompleted loop-recording take is discarded.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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