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    Hello team Soundbridge, first of all, I want to give my congratulations on this magnificent free DAW you created, and I would like to ask if there are any plans to change de MIDI Editor Design?
    I would like to make this request if you can do a Design more as Cubase/Studio One have, it’s the way I’m used to and it’s the only thing that turns me off from using this DAW, don’t like the design/interface, other than that, it’s fantastic!




    What specifically would you like to see changed?

    Is there a specific function related to your workflow you don’t have in SoundBridge?


    I think he means the look of the program as you work with it. Cubase and Studio one has a look that is more easy to learn and to work with then other DAWs. You might see how they look on youtube, for example.


    Hello! How are you? Good entries for 2021!

    Like the user soundbridge-user-t2 said, is exactly the way the midi editor looks like, for me, it’s the only thing that makes me not used it because it’s what I use essentially, creating midi every day.

    Cubase Midi Editor

    Studio One Midi Editor

    If in the future you’ll implement this look/design, it would be a blast! Or could have both designs and change in the settings for example.

    And thank you for your attention and reply!


    Yeah exactly! The way is designed now, fits best in my opinion for Pop/Trap and such since I’m an orchestral/metal composer, it blocks my workflow, other than that, I think Soundbridge an amazing DAW.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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