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    So.. I’ve decided to give SoundBridge a try. I downloaded and installed it fine… I managed to set up my configuration fine with audio drivers, the MIDI is correctly configured. My midi keyboard is showing up and I’ve set it up as a standard midi imput every time I add a midi track, the DAW itself is working and there is no “contrast” between it and other audio sources. The plugins are also working correctly, I can tell because if I open them up and press on the keys inside the plugin itself.. the sound starts as normal.

    The issue is that SoundBridge just REFUSES to emit any sound when I press a key my midi keyboard. If I play from the plugin itself it works. If I draw notes in the piano editor it works. if I play using my midi keyboard.. nothing happens: 0% chances of hearing a sound or recording anything.

    I want to strengthen the point that:

    – My midi keyboard shows up and is set to active in the MIDI tab of the PREFERENCES menu.
    – My midi keyboard shows up and is set as an Input inside the MIDI TRACK itself.
    – no sound at all only when pressing a key on the keyboard.

    P.S. in case this is of use.. I’ve actually tried this with EVERY possible audio setting in the preferences menu.. be it MME or ASIO… and no, the keyboard is not broken because if I for example open up the demo version of FL Studio.. it works just 100% fine.



    That is strange, unless you forgot to ARM the MIDI track you want to play you did EVERYTHING correctly.

    Write to support they can maybe help you via Google Hangouts:


    I have the same issue, curious to know how this was resolved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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