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    I have a problem with the way Soundbridge handles a guitar signal path. I’m playing guitar via VST Plugins. As an example my signal chain is something like this: guitar -> USB Interface -> Soundbridge DAW -> guitar ampsim -> IR Loader -> reverb plugin or double tracking plugin. Whatever I try to configure, I’m still getting a mono signal at the end of the path. I’ve also used a goniometer at the end and it says I’ve got a stereo signal at the end of this chain, yet Soundbridge gives me mono output?

    I’m using Soundbridge 1.12 (before 1.11) and still I don’t know what to do. I’ve tested some midi plugins it seems to work as intended. I can use stereo reverb or stereo enhancer and the output is correct with these midi plugins.

    Is it a bug or did I miss something about the configuration?

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