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    Just like it says in the title, after mixing a song which somehow got messed up, the daw slowly crashed on me while trying to edit. I just need to know if it was my fault or if it was on the end of the software.



    It’s not a matter of output either. It simply won’t run the song. I press play, and the meter doesn’t move at all. not on any of my projects. it’s very stressful right now.



    Hello there,

    Are you sure that your audio driver selected in the Preferences panel is the correct and a functioning one. The behaviour you described usually happens if the driver is unresponsive.


    I also HAVE this problem (which is constantly everytime I try to work on something) For example, a few minutes ago, I was going to work on my project then when I click it, nothing appears but the “defaultproject” Can someone help me out here, cause it’s (honestly) getting annoying…




    Did you try opening the project from the recent projects list?
    File>Recent Projects


    In my computer, dell i7, 4 gb ram, asus ux7, after the scan it makes an error and crashes. Never opened.



    Please send an error report (describing what happens) along with the Soundbridge.log file to


    Hello, I have the same problem since today, cursor is not moving when I hit the play button. Where do I find the Soundbridge.log file please?


    And why is my email displayed as user-name and not my user-name?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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