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    I was finishing my work, saved it and then closed the program but the circle icon for “wait” from mac appeared, then a Crashed sing appeared on Soundbridge, it says:
    “soundbridge has crashed
    there is a text document titled “SoundBridge.log” located in the
    SoundBridge folder within My Documents.
    Please send this document…

    I did that, and I´m afraid all my work has been spoiled

    Help please.


    Please try this:

    1. Open the folder of the project in question.
    2. Inside it you should find a file called project.xml, see if there is also an autosave.project.xml file in there.
    3. If yes, rename the project.xml to something else like project1.xml
    4. Rename the autosave.project.xml file to project.xml
    5.Try opening the project again.

    If you can not find the autosave.project.xml file please send us the project.xml file so that we can investigate.

    For extra safety in the future try using the “Save Incremental” feature which saves that project as a new incremental version.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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