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    Help, I’ve followed the plugin and installation tutorial vids and other youtube tutorials on installing plugins but for some reason my plugins just refuse to show up


    Huh so restarting it worked but sometimes after restarting the non-vst plugins would again fail to load, is this just a thing?



    Right now, SoundBridge only scans VST plugins

    The SoundBridge Team


    I, actually, have the same issue -I have to rescan each time I open the program otherwise the plugins will not load…

    Also, I have no plugin menu on the left unless I type in the name of the plugin or a letter in the name -There is no standard plugin menu for me to scroll through and pick whatever plugin I want. The other DAWS I use all have a big list of the plugin in alphabetical order that you can scroll through…


    I have the same thing happening, I don’t know what to do with these, because because of this, productivity drops


    Yeah! It’s a big bummer because otherwise it seems like an INCREDIBLE DAW. Considering what you get, I suppose it’s a minor inconvenience… You could always keep a list of plugins on your computer or taped to your wall or something… How long have you been using Soundbridge? Are you doing lot’s of record audio or mainly just midi? I only discovered Soundbridge the other day and I’m excited about it!

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    I’ve just reinstalled my PC. I installed latest Soundbridge and I’m getting the same issue: I have to rescan the plugins every time I open the DAW now.
    Otherwise it says some are missing.

    Please help 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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