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    I have an idea for the new update of Soundbridge

    You should add a step sequencer. Many DAWs has that feature and its easy to use then making notes on piano roll

    You should add a instrumental sampler. For example if you have a horn sample you can make melodies and chords with it by using a sampler which you can adjust volume, amplitude,…

    These are just ideas so don’t considered them as a demand. If you however accept these ideas I would be glad to appreciate you


    make it easier to manage the automation of add-ons external to the program and let them add and look the same as profit or panning automations



    We do take all ideas into consideration 🙂


    Improve the stretching tool to synchronize samples with the tempo you are working on to make it more effective




    Automatic crossfade audio
    New GUI more minimal
    Time stretch
    A drum pattern editor Energy XT style



    How can I attach ARCADE by Output to Soundbridge? Please help!

    Thanks! BR: B


    In SoundBridge go to “Preferences > VST” and add the directory where ARCADE dll is.
    After that click the find new button, and it should be scanned and available in the plugin browser in SoundBridge.

    p.s. this is a subject about future features and improvement suggestions and ideas.


    Thank you very much! BR: Ben


    I have some ideas too

    Midi Scale Highlight like in FL Studio
    In FL Studio you can select inside the Midi menue -> helpers -> highlight scale and all keys in the piano roll of the selected scale are highlighted. This makes producing much easier. Also chord stamps like in FL are a huge benefit.

    easy integration of analog hardware with automatic delay compensation
    I couldnt find a way to do this in Soundbridge so far. Maybe I did not see the right options, maybe its a missing option.

    Analog Tape and Preamp Emulations in the mixer strips
    It is an undeniable trend, that analog emulation integrated in daw channel strips is making its way to a lot of studios. Some examples are Harrison Mixbus or UAD Luna. It would be a huge step forward to integrate a tape and a preamp emulation in the Suundbridge channels too.

    Time Stretch

    A master analysis section, which can compete with Izotope Insight

    What I like so far:

    The ease of use
    The GUI
    The “price point” ( I am actually willing to pay a decent amount of money, if some of the points above would be integrated)


    And please dont make this great DAW a paid software. I undestand you need money but many of other free DAWs are for recording instruments, not for EDM or Hip Hop and many of free DAWs dont have options like Freeze option or and have a old interface


    Option to Zoom at Playhead.

    Currently the zoom feature zooms from the center of the track or edit windows. I find this a bit awkward, as my focus of interest is most often at, or very near, the playhead position. When I zoom in or out currently, often I must grab the window slider to bring the playhead back into view. It would be nice to have an option to have zoom fixed to the playhead. Thank you for a very nice program. I am learning more about it daily.


    Thank you for all your ideas! We’ll deeply consider them, and please don’t hesitate to keep them coming!



    Is it possible ?

    1. After loading Vst Scaler on a MIDI track, I load the VSTinstrument I wish to control on another
    midi track.

    2. In the “In/Out” section of the track, select “Scaler” in the “MIDI From” dropdown and set
    the Input Channel to “Scaler”. Arm both tracks and start triggering chords from Scaler. The
    sound should now be rendered using the instrument you’ve been configuring.




    What you described it, is how it is supposed to work.

    Do you have problems when exporting a song with this kind of config in it?

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