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    Hi! Great piece of software! I am learning it as I am writing now. What I would like in future is:
    -Somehow I have searched on topic, but I never found anything. I would wish to convert/switch Timecode to Beatcode. Is that possible? Transport Bar.
    -Retrospective and Step MIDI recording. Nowdays it’s pretty much basic. I have used a lot.
    -Video track for scoring.
    -Some more audio editing features for timming fixing issues.
    -Arranger/Markers tags.
    -It’s CPU indicator accurate? I think i9 it’s a powerful CPU (lowest buffer possbile). Should handle for less usage for a few free Spitfire And Kontakt samplers. In a few days I will reach an M1 Mac Mini. I think that will be much better.
    -Track Icons and channel strip colours. That would be great!

    Any user manual would be much appreciated!


    I’m liking the software so far, but I think the MIDI editing could be improved. Notes often don’t go where you’d expect. The window is also pretty small, even if I expand it. I think a maximize/minimize window button would be convinient. I’m also not sure if the velocity bar is collapsable, it would be nice.


    Hi! Thank you for this amazing software!

    With a few more tweaks it can easily become Huge.

    One issue: Automation being the same or similar to Ablenton and FL Studio. Smooth curves without the need to make multiple stitches.

    Analog desk and EQ on mixer tracks, something like Cakewalk. Would be great.

    Please continue with the excellent work.


    Updated appearance of effects plugins


    Cool ideas

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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