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    I have downloaded your new update and firstly, I am really surprised that you changed your logo design which is cool and added awesome feature like Computer keyboard MIDI and such

    But, some of my problems I had in it haven’t changed. I am not a fan of the multi-window option because every time I tap something it turns into a windows which is annoying and I cant see a turn off button. When I loop a sample of a Kick the first shot has a normal hit sound but the other ones have a muffled hit sounds

    I am aware on how you work hard for your product and make everyone happy. I understand if this update is a first stage



    Disable: Preferences > Options > Floating Widgets and your problem with individual windows will stop.

    As for the issue you had with looped audio blocks it is in the list of things to fix. We will make it good.


    Thank you for your reply but what I meant to say was I dont like the multi-window feature at all. Before you added that feature I could’ve bring the piano roll way up with that arrow above i because its easier for me. Now, the piano roll can only go up to the half and when I try to click at the arrow it doesn’t work and when I try bring it up I still somehow pull out the widget from its place even if I disabled it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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