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    Hey Everyone!

    I’m a new user to soundbridge and I must say that I’m impressed! -Very sleek and elegant look and A FANTASTIC undo/ redo feature that applies to al parameters including plugin parameters!! YAYYY!!!!! I’ve been searching for this feature in a free DAW for a long time and as far as I’ve tested, Soundbridge is the ONLY one. I have three litte questions:

    1. Although I’m fine with the “Earth” Gui, I do wish there was some way I could change the colors to my liking -I prefer to have alight background with dark text, so if there is a way i can change that, please let me know!

    2. I’m having to re-scan all of my plugins each time I open Soundbridge. Also, there is no plugin list on the left for any of my third party plugins. I have to type in the name of a plugin or the letter of a plugin to get them to appear. I’ve never had this problem with any other day -Every other DAW I’ve used has a list of your plugins appear in a menu. So, this aspect of Soundbridge is a little frustrating…

    3. How does tracking mode work? Does sound bridge have a tracking mode?? -I am recording a drum kit with 14 microphones at one time and I have to do multiple takes. Would I to setup new tracks for each microphone before every take or is there a way to keep stacking the takes on the same track and then separate those takes later.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you for the great product and I’m excited to do more work in Soundbridge and discover it’s capabilities!



    Thanks for reaching out and using SoundBridge.

    Unfortunately, right now you can’t customize the colors of the interface

    And the plugins are given in categories in a menu – the Plugin Browser menu at the left part of the SoundBridge interface.

    For example, these are all the plugins on this computer given in categories:
    SoundBridge VST plugin menu

    You do not need to rescan your plugins every time you open SoundBridge. just locate the plugin in the browser, if it’s a VST2 plugin, it would be in the VST2 plugin menu, likewise for VST3 plugins, and in the menu, if it’s a synthesizer or fx plugin, it would be found in its relevant category as shown in the picture above.

    Also, you can record multiple takes of all your mic on single individual channels. Just create a loop around the area you want to record, and after recording as many takes as you like, use the button highlighted in the image below to select the best take out of all the stacked recordings for each track and even separate them.
    SoundBridge tracking

    The SoundBridge Team


    I hope you have gotten more clarification


    Thanks for responding!

    Unfortunately, my plugins are not being re-populated, so every time I open soundbridge I have to open the preferences window and re-scan my plugins folder…

    Does the Rit Mix thing have something to do with this?? I saw in one of the soundbridge tutorials that you are supposed to add a plugin directory there?? Perhaps i did not do that??

    -Also -I can’t figure out how to separate my takes. I can see that there are multiple by clicking on the lines on the lower right hand corner, but i can’t make them appear as individual tracks in the sequencer -So, I’m unable to comp the multiple takes. There, also, doesn’t appear to be a way to “pause” loop mode…

    Thanks, again.

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    Please be sure to use the latest version of SoundBridge…

    RitMix doesn’t scan plugins, nor affect the way plugins are scanned

    And finally, to separate the takes you need to duplicate the block of stacked audio and then on the new block select the different take you desire, and to switch off loop mode hit the L key on your keyboard, or click on the “Loop” check box at the bottom left corner, as in the photo
    SoundBridge loop functionality

    The SoundBridge Team

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