Please give me for a PDF tutorial and hidpi keyboard shortcuts

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    Dear soundbridge team,
    I’m a Chinese user,thank you for made this DAW. I’m a long time user with soundbridge.
    I made the first Chinese language tutorial video for this DAW in 2019 summer.
    I got over 100+ user to use this DAW,I’m very happy for this achievement.
    But soon,some user found,they can’t freely to login in China. Because we have the Chinese Great Firewall. We can’t freely enter Google. We can’t freely login this DAW. So,I tech them how to sign this DAW,and tech them how to use it. I’m very happy.

    But now, I want to make my second set of systematic video tutorials on how to use soundbridge DAW. Can you provide a basic English tutorial on soundbridge? It is better to be in PDF format, because the built-in font is too small for me to read.If it is inconvenient, can you provide a web version of the tutorial to guide me? Including the new features of SoundBridge 2.0 beta, I want to update my video, if it is still possible, can you provide me with a High-DPI picture of the soundbridge keyboard shortcuts?

    1. Please provide me with a high-definition picture of the keyboard shortcuts of Soundbridge.
    2. If it is convenient, please give me a PDF format user manual about Soundbridge,if not have,please send me some website blog follow a sequence,please.

    Thank you very much

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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