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    I cannot seem to be able to get the mod wheel, or any other continuous input feature on my keyboard to record changes to automation tracks in real time.

    For example, I map the “Track-Gain” for Track One to my “CC -1” on my keyboard, yet it does not do anything when the automation track is selected, “Arm Automation” is ON and the “Record” button is hit. Playback ensues, but no recording of mod-wheel manipulation occurs. I can draw that data in, but I cannot play it in. The video tutorial quickly overviews the possibility, but does not precisely show the steps in action. Thank you.


    Is it possible for you to move the gain fader using your keyboard’s knob or fader while idle (not recording)? If not, there is probably something wrong with the mapping procedure, or your keyboard. Please remember that after engaging the READ button (turns blue), in the mapping widget, and assigning the corresponding knob, you need to disengage the READ button (turns gray again). Then, parameter control or automation recording via CC control should work fine.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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