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    I have installed soundbride and ritmix.
    Unfortunally, recording does not work.

    I click on ritmix in the VST instruments, it opens and a midi track is generated.
    Ritmix works, I hear the sounds and I can also see it within the master level meter.
    (So there must be connected to the DAW)

    I create a track with the pen and push on record then. It runs but does not record anything.
    If I choose the edit mode, I can write single notes, they are actually “recorded”.
    I haven’t tried audio, yet.

    What can be the problem here?

    I have windows10, preferences: audio soundcard: MME,
    no available MIDI inputs,
    Available Midi autputs: Microsoft MIDI Mapper
    Microsoft GS Wavetable synth
    VST: the folder to the ritmix plug-in

    Thanks a lot!!



    When you load RitMix it loads a default drum kit which has also by default its internal sequencer enabled.

    You can either use the internal sequencer or use MIDI notes on the track to trigger pads in RitMix.

    To disable the internal sequencer you can just turn off the “Sync Host” button in the top right of RitMix.

    You can also drag out MIDI from its Internal Sequencer to the track in SoundBridge.

    Drag MIDI Out button is in the top right corner of Ritmix’ internal sequencer.

    Click on that button and drag onto the MIDI track in SoundBridge and you will get programming for the beat you heard.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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