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    I created a short drum loop using the RitMix Sequencer and used the Drag MIDI Out button to a drums MIDI track. However, when I play it back in the main window of Soundbridge, it sounds like some generic drum kit and nothing at all like the kit I had picked out in the RitMix plugin window. How can I get the MIDI track in Soundbridge to use the correct drum kit?



    If you place the MIDI you dragged out onto the track of the RitMix from which you dragged the MIDI out of, it should be the same kit.


    Hmmm, makes me think it has to do with the playback settings. Right now it sounds like a cheap MIDI drum track, not the in depth sound from the RitMix Sequencer. I’m not sure of any settings that change the quality.



    Check the envelope settings for the samples in the RitMix drum kit. If they don’t have the Amplitude envelope enabled and a small release setting they could sound shorter then when originally played from the RitMix sequencer.


    Got a chance to try it out today. It does sound like that it could be that the drums are shortened. However, I enabled the Amp Envelope for each pad and changed the Release setting with no change in the sound of the MIDI track. It was default at 0 already, no change when at 0 vs 25.

    Thanks for the replies.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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