RitMix (MIDI) is escaping it’s MIDI playpen.

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    This is probably parenting issue, but I need a little MIDI track to help with a transition. So, I added a MIDI track and named him RitMix. He should stay confined to his playpen, but when I unmute him, he escapes and puts his little hands prints all over the place. I can hear him babbling in the background from beginning to end. I followed the same steps using my other kid, LABS (64). He stays put. Doesn’t wander at all. After dropping LABS (64) off at the fire station, I re-birthed RitMix/MIDI and he was back to his old tricks.


    1: Add Track -> MIDI -> (named) -> Instrument = RitMix -> Create
    2: [results] New empty MIDI track is added with Instrument = RitMix

    1: Go directly to RitMix Show Plugin
    2: Sequence out a dope beat
    3: Drag MIDI Out to the empty track
    4: Close RitMix UI
    5: Press Play
    The little one has escaped his playpen again

    OPTION B1:
    1: *Draw* the area that I intend on putting RitMix in
    2: RitMix Show Plugin
    3: Sequence out another dope beat
    4: Drag MIDI Out to the center of previously drawn area
    -> Drag MIDI Out deposited RitMix off-center. Aligned with selection tool.
    5: Close RitMix UI
    6: Press Play
    Same results

    OPTION B2:
    1: The same as B! with Snap enabled.
    Same results


    Again, I’m sure this is a parenting issue and I may not know how to raise a healthy RitMix MIDI. If I’m missing a step please let me know.

    Little Baby RitMix

    SoundBridge has been absolutely awesome. I don’t know how you all are programmatically pulling it off, but I appreciate it. ~ cheers



    Thanks for reaching out and using SoundBridge.

    Please turn off Sync Host, just under the tempo display, to stop RitMix from playing the internal sequence on and on.

    The SoundBridge team.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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