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    How do I route a particular pad to a particular channel, for use in multi-output routing. Currently, all pads seem to be linked to all channels. My DAW of choice is Reaper.



    Within the “Edit Window” view for every pad you can click on the button “Output” and choose which output that particular pad is routed to.


    How do I install RitMix, like, i`ve installed it but it is not appearing on the plug-in area.



    You need to add the folder where RitMix.dll was installed to the VST directories list in SoundBridge.

    1. Open SoundBridge
    2. In SoundBridge open Preferences
    3. In the “VST” tab of Preferences add the directory where “RitMix.dll” was installed
    4. Click the Find New button in the same “VST” tab
    5. After scanning plugins RitMix should now be available from the VST or VST3 section of the plugin browser


    Hi. I,m just a new user for this software and Soundbridge look good is just good imitation to ableton o similar. (just what i was looking for long ago)


    How can i put output signal audio channel of ritmix or each of the tracks . I mean. If I have 16 pad in the ritmix using different sounds like kick snare tom etc … that way I can assign an effect (VST plugin type) on mixer multi channel or un the multi track for each of the sounds. Is it possible to do that somehow?


    If you go into the edit window in RitMix you will find an “OUTPUT” button which lets you choose one of the 16 outputs for the currently selected pad.
    After that all you need to do is create a new audio track in SoundBridge (for each of the outputs you used in RitMix), set their inputs as RitMix outputs and turn on monitoring on them.


    I applied all of these things you said many times, but I couldn’t get any sound. It would be great if you could make a video for it.


    Hi yes I to need a video on this atm , the machine plays but I cannot seem to route it to a channel apart from the master and then to split the sounds to different channels where its audiable is not working either its quite confusing atm.



    Thanks for reaching out and using SoundBridge.

    Here’s a video tutorial for you: Routing Audio From RitMix Pads to External Audio Tracks

    The SoundBRidge team

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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