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    Hi, i found this clear looking Free DAW and I have overcome myself to try this once.
    My Main DAW is Bitwig and i used some years ago FL Studio as well (from Fruity Loops 3 ^^,)

    In 4 Hours into SoundBridge i am pretty surprised how this FREE DAW works, its pretty much intuitive what i like.
    I just use my VST and some Samples and very basic functions also i try internal recording.
    I very like automations clips i want to see in Bitwig as well, Fl still has this feature.
    And its possible to have more than one projects active, thats awesome.

    All works pretty good and its looks clear enough. For my taste would reduce some pixels here and there to make the borders more thin.

    So here is my first List:


    – u-he Podolski VST make the DAW Crash every time i will load it into a Track
    – bypass VST via the green Button dont bypass anything, all synth is still playing, but it works on VST FX and internal FX
    – When the Midi Velocity is Zero it is no more possible to grab the Fader, you can only use ALT
    to change the Tool and draw the Value now, thats maybe more a Bug as an Improvement


    – Sequencer _ automatic add a Audio Track when drop Samples in the Track Bar
    – Sequencer _ i would like to set up faster where the playhead starts playing, in editing a Song i want to play just the part where i work on,
    in Bitwig we have an Option to play from clip start, that would be nice in SB as well, for faster editing and re-listening a Song Part

    – Sample Edit _ impoving full screen flickering loading feedback in sample edit process like reverse
    – Sample Edit _ Loop should always be on, i always use Looping a Sample, also it can be right inside the SampleClips

    – Projects _ Would be nice to drag and drop Track into other open Projects (like in Bitwig)

    – File Browser _ using keyboard to select a Plugin that u search for and hit Enter to load it…it improve the workflow from typing on keyboard and use arrow and enter to choose the Plugin, as move the hand to the Mouse and Target a Plugin

    – GUI _ all midi Notes are pink, hopefully they become the Color of the Clips/ Tracks

    – Plugins _ delte Plugins via [Entf] is okay but sometimes was just using the mouse in editing, re-order, and in this workflow it would be more easy to click the Plugin away as using the keyboard…its just about switch from keyboard to mouse

    – Shortcuts _ i just Edit the 3 Main Tools Shortcut and use Q,W,E or 1,2,3 – so its way more easy to get the Tools as searching the D or X maybe this can be a better standard

    So i have an Eye on this DAW as a Option…

    Have a Great Day

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