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    I wanted to downlaod new soundbridge version but then when i press download its shows “downloading .exe” and when its downloaded no program can open it. Then I wanted to install the old versions on soundbridge but then when i try to enter my email to activate it says “product not found”. Can someone help me with these issues?



    We have done some maintenance on the website, please try to download the latest version of SoundBridge again.


    Actually I did and it worked. But I want to download the older version of Soundbridge cause I don’t like the multi-window ability cause when i press anything it turns to a windows and its annoying. Also, the piano roll cant be big anymore. When I do try to download older version and try to activate it always say Product not found and when I try to enter the serial number for offline it says Wrong serial number


    I have the same issue. I am on the older software in the middle of a project and I can’t “connect” to get in to Soundbridge. It I am assuming is not validating. It also says I have a network issue but I am on the internet typing this. I tried the Get License message from trying to use off line and my activation code comes back as not found.



    Offline activation is no longer available since we changed the authorisation engine.
    Please update to the latest version of SoundBridge and log into the application using you credentials from the website.


    Can you at least make an update that I can turn off the multi windows support and maybe a sampler program since i have to use my own vst to add samples (BTW Thanks for quick response I appreciate it 😀 )



    Improvements to the Multi-window support are being prepared for the next update. As for the sampler you can use RitMix as a sampler. All of RitMix’s sample pads are mapped out to keyboard keys starting from C1 so it is basically a multi-sample sampler 😉.

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    My authentication fails every single time i try.Im pretty sure im using the same email and passwors i used to log in. Any help\



    Please just try changing your password on the website.
    After that try to sign into SoundBridge using the new password.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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