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    So i have this project i made a few hours ago and now i open it up and it says
    “Soundbridge has detected ‘Soundbridge.log in your documents'” or something like that and it wont let me open it,
    any advice?



    Please try deleting the SoundBridge.log file that is located in Documents/SoundBridge/ folder.

    After that try running SoundBridge again.



    I’ve been researching the file but I cannot find it,i keep researching it on the pc but it says there arent any files
    any other advice?



    This is located in your C drive, User/YouCompName/Document/Soundbridge. Hope that helps!


    I tried deleting it too, but it keeps generating the soundbridge.log file again and again, once I click on ‘restart’.



    SoundBridge.log is a log file created to document what is happening in SoundBridge. This helps developers solve crash issues and such.

    Please write to support I’m sure they will help you.

    Are you sure this is the message you get: “Soundbridge has detected ‘Soundbridge.log in your documents”?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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