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    Today I installed Sound Bridge on my Windows 10 laptop. All went fine, but when I open the program it crashes instantly. I removed the program and reinstalled it with no succes.

    Any suggestions?



    Did you by any chance add a VST directory to be scanned during the installation process.
    In any case when SoundBridge crashes, before you re-open it, send the Soundbridge.log file that is the SoundBridge folder in your program files to


    After sending an email to the supportdesk. I got very quick a response:

    when installing you must NOT add a VST directory for scanning. Now it works 🙂





    Actually you could add your VST Directories while installing, but if there is a problematic VST in there that crashes SoundBridge you would have to restart SoundBridge as many times as there are problematic VST’s. Each time of a new start SoundBridge should offer you to add the problematic VST that crashed it last to the blacklist of plugins that don’t get scanned at startup.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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