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    Stop button behaviour & what are markers?

    Stop, resume, resume from home
    I may have solved this first issue in a scorched earth kind of way. Through Windows’ mouse settings, I slowed double clicking down to the point where you really have to mean it with a click, pause, click. – I have been having problems in that when I would click on the Stop button, it seemed to register as a double click and send the shuttlecock back to the start. Clicking Play usually resumes from the stopped position, but occasionally wants to start over. Slowing my OS-wide double click action may help with these issues.

    I’ve known about the ability to drop red flag markers for some time now. But what are they for? I’ve been placing them at signify key points. Is that the extent of their purpose? Can I tab my way through them?

    Thank you for the excellent DAQ



    Thank you for reaching out and using SoundBridge.

    The red markers are play markers. They can be used to mark points in your track where you’d like to start playback.

    Clicking on a play marker immediately brings the play head to that point.

    The SoundBridge team.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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