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    I saw a message which that the users will no longer be able to do donaions because of the COMMERCIAL lauunch of Soundbridge, that means that this software will be paid?


    Wait! Whut? – If SoundBridge is kicking the beta status and headed for a full fledged commercial release, what does the future hold for those of us that have donated? While I agree that the asking donation is minimal compared to the value of the software, we’ve thrown our chips into the SoundBridge bucket. On any given day, I may crack open 6+ projects to see what I feel like working on. As for counting mastering, for better or worse, I use SoundCloud’s AI to work out the kinks.


    Well, I mean, I WOULD LOVED that Soundbridge stayed free forever but it seems that will be like paid (?) I don´t like when the creators of a free daw (Im seeing you, Cakewalk) say that it will be free forever but then they announce it will be paid


    This is not what i signed up for,first it was a free DAW and now its a Beta that is gonna be a payed version!And the (NEW)free version is gonna be limited to 10 channels!So basicaly we where Beta testers all this time without knowing and learned a DAW that is now gonna be payed???There are better options out there for 180 dollars/euro’s without ritmix(+160€) ect(++) incluided!We have to understand that they are a company who do need to make (back) some invested money and turn a profit,but first recieving donations(crowedfunding)to after that exclude these users does not feel right in my opinion,i don´t think there bussiness model is so great as of Right now for the loyal fans(userbase/community!This is only my opinion/take on the subject,still i do wish the Soundbridge project all the luck and hope this project achieves there main goals and becomes a well known DAW with a great and loyal supporting community for years to come,cheers from Alex


    If this happens, I think I will stay with Waveform Free and LMMS.


    Everyone who downloaded the beta (free) version should have got an automated email by now, if not check the junk box associated with email services. I haven’t used this beta version yet as I’m not sure if I can use it in Air plane mode (off line no internet connection). Also I don’t know if it is compatible with the new 4th generation Focus Rite USB interfaces, or the VST offerings from Cherry Audio or Akai or Arturia MIDI controllers or any other synths and drum machines sequencers on the market today. What I would like to have in a recording app is to have a practice mode, rehearsal mode, tweaking mode to customize synth sounds or tweak effects chorus, flanger, reverb, wah-wah, delay, phaser, for any instrument guitar, bass etc. vocoder mode, also a preview mode for trying out any new VST. The email sent out has a change over date to October 9th, 2023 and the email I got indicated the potential price points including estimated fees for future upgrades and versions.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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