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    I just started trying out SoundBridge yesterday, so it’ perfectly possible that I’m doing something wrong…

    In my test project, I have a MIDI track which is using Spitfire LABS with drums as an instrument.
    When I first create a MIDI track (and select LABS 64) as instrument, it’s working fine.
    However if I now save the project, restart SoundBridge, load the project, the MIDI track won’t play any sound.
    Visually, everything looks fine, but it doesn’t produce any sound. Even the small vertical keyboard in the editor doesn’t produce any sound.

    I have found that, to fix it, I have to create a new MIDI track with the same instrument, and drag the contents (notes) from the old track into the new one. The new track now works, but the old one doesn’t (even if I drag the contents back into it).

    Another solution is to start SoundBridge and in a new empty project, create a new MIDI track with LABS (64). Then open the real project, and LABS will work.

    It seems that the plugin doesn’t get properly initialized when project is open. It initializes only when it is added to a new track.

    I have a bunch of other (guitar effects) VST plugins and they all load fine.

    Can I do something to make the Spitfire LABS plugin properly load without creating a new track every time I start the program?

    Thank you!



    There is a known issue we had with the LABS plugin and we are working hard on resolving it for the next update.


    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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