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    Guys, did you had problems the first time you tried to import VSTS? I’m getting really frustraded because it only reconized one and now not even this. I’m about to delete the program.



    Have you set your paths in OPTIONS > PREFERENCES > VST ? Some VSTs expect either themselves, or their assests to live at a specific location.

    My VST setup looks like it came out of the backdoor of Planned Parenthood. Stuff is all over the place.

    A complete mess

    Regardless if you add or remove directories, throwing a 909 Kick at that Full Rescan button might not be a bad idea.

    Are the VSTs freely available?

    For the record, even behind a closed door, my wife grew tired of hearing me cussing at my slow ass computer. So she bought me a gaming laptop. Fast as hell and hella fast at filling up a 256 SSD. So everything lives on an external drive. Hammering on VSTs to not use the computer's primary drive, regardless of DAW, makes me want to give up on electronic music and busker for quarters on a street corner. Either that, or sell myself.

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