In modern electronic music, especially genres like EDM, Psytrance and Dubstep, you probably noticed how production parts are aimed towards various pitch and frequency modulation. This trick gives that unmistakable feeling of uplifting that you experience while listening to the track. If you are heavily into experimental stuff and have always found that none of the numerous plugins available out there offers the possibility of making these kinds of really bizarre effects and textures that have been haunting your mind, Hematohm is your Holy Grail.


Hematohm by Ohm Force


In its essence, Hematohm by Ohm Force is a versatile plugin that contains a number of different effects. However, the main effect I want to talk about in this tutorial is frequency shifter. This device raises or lowers the frequency of an input signal. It does this using a complex amplitude modulation like technique. Unlike the pitch shifter, the frequency shifter does not preserve the harmonic relationships between the various tones and harmonics in the input signal. Because of this, sounds processed by a frequency shifter start to sound very unnatural with only a small amount of shift. This effect is excellent for build-ups which are heavily involved in Psy Trance genres, so in the next tutorial, I will apply it on the kick drum.

Here is a short Psy Trance sequence that I have previously made in SoundBridge. Let’s hear how it sounds.


~Psy trance sequence without kick drum buildup


Create a Buildup


The next thing to do would be to duplicate the kick drum channel and place it below the original one. Furthermore, from the duplicated kick drum I will make a kick drum buildup, and on its channel, I will put a new instance of Hematohm. Now let’s hear how the kick drum builds up sounds without the effect.


~Kick Drum build up without Hematohm


Hematohm’s interface


Now let’s see the Hematohm’s interface:



At the left side, we have the controls for the frequency shifter effect. Also, there is an LFO section which can be used for rhythmic manipulation of the frequency shifter. Furthermore, there is an envelope follower and in the end a built-in delay effect.
For this purpose, I will be using just the frequency shifter, controlled by its the amount parameter and the delay to add a bit more sense of the sound building up. To do this I will automate the frequency shifter amount and the delays feedback parameters, by making the new lanes in the kick drum build up the channel. So, let’s hear how that sounds.


~Kick Drum build up with Hematohm


Add some FX


In order to add some more sense of space, I will add a bit of reverb as well as to automate the gain level towards the end of the build up. Now let’s hear the difference.



~Kick Drum build up with Hematohm + Reverb


In the end, let’s have a final listen to the buildup together with other effects mentioned above.


~Final Mix


Download the project here.