Industrial techno emerged in the 1990s as a hybrid of techno and industrial dance music. It’s one of the roughest forms of techno there is. The music aims to mimic the mechanical rhythm of industrial factory machinery while replicating the sterile aesthetic of a factory. That’s the reason for the term “industrial”.

Acts such as Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire, as well as the record label Wax Trax!, contributed considerably to the development of this subgenre. Industrial flew under the radar for a considerable amount of time. Then, it made a comeback in the early 2010s, riding the wave of the post-dubstep scene in the UK. It provided listeners with syncopated rhythms and heavy sub-bass which the dubstep genre lacked at that point.

Musicians such as Perc, Paula Temple, Tommy Four Seven, Monoq, have placed industrial techno on the map. They traditionally performed at abandoned warehouses. Although generally no special club locations dedicate to this style, it’s frequently included in many techno DJ sets. Additionally, many underground rave organizers dedicate events entirely to industrial techno. Devoted fans of the style will tell you that the music sounds best when played in a dimly lit, deserted warehouse in a shady neighborhood of the city. The bleak, desolate, and dehumanizing atmospheres often conjured up by techno are the focus of this subgenre.

Musical characteristics of industrial techno

Industrial techno stands out by the use of minimalistic repetitions combined with clanging and harsh noises, to create a blaring and chaotic soundscape. The style plays with a lot of force and speed, reaching a maximum of 155 BPM when at its most intense. Deep, somber overtones, and gloomy, lonely atmospheres define it. While a lot of popular techno music features noises that might as well come from outer space, industrial techno uses sounds that seem like they would come straight from an apocalyptic alter-world.

Paula Temple, a renowned musician with considerable impact on this subgenre, has been pursuing her own distinctive musical path from the beginning of her career.  She specializes in a phantasmagoric techno sound. Also, DJ and record producer “Ancient Methods” is significantly involved in the industrial techno music scene. He performs his music all around the world and appears frequently playing in deserted warehouses in the Los Angeles area. The project was originally a collaboration between Michael Wollenhaupt and Conrad Protzmann, but it is now a one-man performance starring Wollenhaupt exclusively.