The studio is for most of us an oasis of peace, happiness, inspiration, and many other good things. However, let’s admit we can’t spend 24 hours of a day in it. Overthinking and overworking is something that most of us face daily. This is counterproductive for our creative process.

Surely, there was more than one occasion when you sat in front of a blank project and told yourself “not today, I can’t do it”. Decisions and creatively demanding processes tend to feel overwhelming when you are faced with endless options before you. Likewise, it’s common to be so loaded by a running project that objectivity and the sense of direction are lost. In order to clear your mind and make a reset, we will share a few useful tips on how to stay sharp and creative outside the studio.  

A quest for inspiration

You will definitely find inspiration and perspective outdoors. You can try to make a list of all the things you want to do or visit. Be open to finding inspiration there. Spend a day taking pictures. Wonder into a bookshop and read a book that talks about a topic you’ve never heard about. While you’re at it, your subconscious mind will have a pause from the project or environment it has been working on, and create new connections with the input you’re giving it. This creative energy is renewable, so give it a chance and look for triggers around you. 

Pen and paper

It might be beneficial to step back from the DAW and put your ideas on paper, words, and sentences. A bit like writing lyrics, this gives you another canvas to make some sense of the direction you’re going, all the ideas that are dwelling in your mind, the aesthetic standard you’re aiming for, etc. Again, try to do it outdoors, take a step back.

Learn to accept your moods

Might sound like a cliche, but life is about balance. Sure, there’s going to be rough days where you’re definitely low on energy and creative output, or you can’t get something that pisses you off out of your head. There’s nothing wrong with that. Go to the gym or kickbox training to get it out. Go for a walk. Meet with some friends. When you come back to the studio you will better channel those energies and paint your music with the emotions you’re dealing with, but with a clear mind.


One of the easiest ways to be creative is to meditate. Before you start your day, and before you finish your night, meditate. Meditation is a perfect way to get in touch with the creative aspect of things and to give your over-analytical mind a rest. It’s going to help you relax. It will make you feel grounded. If meditation isn’t your thing, consider then listening to some innovative and inspiring talks. It’s about nurturing your spirit. 

Imagine you were someone else

Knowing that you have to deliver and expose ideas you worked on by yourself can feel overwhelming, and anxiety can be a huge obstacle to channeling inspiration. Consider then what someone you admire would do in your case. If you were as brave as they were, what step would you take? What would you do if you weren’t concerned about what everybody thought? Think about it!