Creating a Layered Techno Kick Drum

As with most modern electronic music genres, the emphasis in the Techno genre is in the low frequencies. In addition to bass, Techno is famous for its vast and ground shaking kick drums with lots of low-end frequencies. Producers are usually dedicating lots of their...
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Discovering the Exciting Possibilities of Glitch Effects

What is a Glitch?   The word Glitch derives from the German word 'glitschen', meaning 'to slip’. This term that basically describes a sudden malfunction of equipment.  In a computer program, a glitch is a bug that isn't encountered very often and results in a...
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Improve Your Mix With 3D Reverb Trick

Reverbs versatility   Reverb is truly one of the most versatile audio effects. It can be used on just about anything. Your tracks probably consist of many elements like rhythm, bass, guitars, vocals, etc. and at some point, you'll want to separate these elements...
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Make Bigger Synths by Using Unison

 Making a sound from scratch   These days, it seems that using previously made presets found within numerous VST synthesizers is always an easy task. However, to create your own sound from a scratch is a totally different story. The one who is truly interested in...
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Get Creative with Izotope VocalSynth

  While nobody can deny that vocal processing techniques are complicated and laborious, I would like to point out that they also represent a never-ending creative process with countless different manipulation approaches. From dynamical editing such as compressing...
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Create a Ground-Shaking Sub Bass with Bass Engine

We all know how important bass is in today’s electronic music. Music producers and software companies always find new ways to amaze us with creative bass making solutions. In the next tutorial, we will present to you something new we came across recently. It’s...
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Produce Powerful Instruments with BX Saturator Plugin

Brighten your Instruments   There's no denying that the saturation effect has the potential to turn just about any harsh-sounding audio material into something warm and pleasant. It has been used for decades in music production as a hardware effect. However, in...
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How to Create Keyboard Splits in Serum

Serum by XferRecords is one of the most versatile software synthesizers out there. With its broad range of use and the ability to create a large spectrum of different sounds because of its additive synthesis engine, it quickly climbed to the top of most used software...
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Multi-Reverb Technique

Reverb has been one of the most important tools in music production and audio engineering since its beginning. As you probably already know, reverb is a type of effect that, when added to the sound, introduces width and depth. It can be used in many different more or...
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Pseudo Stereo Techniques – Create a Wider Spatial Impression

What is a Pseudo Stereo Technique?   Pseudo stereo audio processing techniques generate two stereo channels from a single mono one, for the purpose of generating a wider spatial impression, while creating an illusion of multi-directional audible...
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