In the 1st part of the “Live Bass Sound” tutorial, we presented the excellent sounding MODO BASS by IK Multimedia. We can safely say that it is one of best sounding virtual bass guitar emulations out there. Since the last tutorial covered the main characteristics of this software instrument, in this part, we will show you what’s “under the hood” – advanced controls, colorations and much more.

Last time we stopped at the “Model” tab, and now we will move to tab on the right from it called “Play Style.”



Play Style – Finger, Pick and Slap


In the “Play Style” section, we can choose from 3 different styles of playing the bass guitar. They are “finger,” “pick,” and “slap.” Next, to it, there is a big “Muting” knob. It sets the amount of muting sound of playing the strings of the bass guitar. Moving forward we can set the “Stroke” to alternate, middle or index finger for the “Finger” style. Alternate, up or down for the “Pick” style and auto, slap or pull for the “Slap” style. It is also possible to set the “Touch” of the strings to normal or hard for the “Finger” and “Pick” styles.

Next, we can set the “Let Ring” mode on or of which basically sets the strings to long release. There is also a switch for the “Fingering” which can be set to either first position, easy or the nearest. The last switch in this line is reserved for the “Open String” which can be set to on or off. To finish this section, in the far right you can see the knobs controlling the amount for “Detach” and “Slide” noises to completely mimic the noise sounds of the live bass guitar.


Audio Examples


Here are a couple of audio examples of the simple bass lines played in “Finger,” “Pick” and Slap” styles.


~MODO BASS – Finger-style

~MODO BASS – Pick Style

~MODO BASS – Slap Style  





Next tab is within the interface of the MODO BASS which we will cover is the “Strings.” In this tab, there are even more bass guitar playing options. Firstly, there is a number of strings you can choose (either 4, 5 or 4 Drop D). The “Type” selects Round or Flat Wound strings, “Gauge” can be Light, Medium or Heavy, and the “Age” of the strings can be New, Broken in, or Old. Finally, A4 REFERENCE is where you can tune the bass to match tracks that are off concert pitch. The range is 430 to 450 Hz, or about ±39 cents, not much, but hopefully enough to get in tune with the piano.


To be continued


Since this instrument offers so many possibilities, this would be all for part 2 of this tutorial. In the 3rd and last part of MODO BASS tutorial, we will cover the last 3 tabs and some more aspects of the interface. Stay tuned until next week!