Before reporting this issue to our support team, please read the questions below:
1. Is the track un-muted or soloed?
2. Does the VST instrument still exist in the project? Does it appear in the file browser and as a rack module in the rack window? If not, you may have loaded the project without missing VSTs using this dialogue.
     Figure 1: Missing VSTs
3. Is the instrument loaded on the correct track/channel?
     Figure 2: Track to Rack

4. Are the faders in Lumit for pre-gain, mixer gain, and master gain at an audible value?

     Figure 3: Faders Highlighted MIDI

5. Is the bypass status of the instrument allowing signal to pass?

    Figure 4: Our Bypass Disabled on Instrument

6. Can you play the instrument with the MIDI controller selected in the MIDI input device combo box on the track?
     Figure 5: Our MIDI Input Combo Box

7. Is the problem common to all tracks? If not, it could be a VST issue. Please report VST issues in the VST category of this troubleshooting section.
8. Have you tried bypassing all FX? If you find the issue to be VST related, please report it in the VST category of this troubleshooting section.
     Figure 6: Our Bypass Enabled on Gate
If you have determined the answer to be “yes” for all of these and the problem persists, contact us at