Before reporting this issue to our support team, please read the questions below. 
1. Is your listening device selected as the input/output device in Lumit preferences?
     Figure 1: In Out Device

2. Is your output enabled in Lumit preferences?

     Figure 2: Enable Output

3. Are you using a supported driver? (ASIO, WASAPI, MME, DANTE…)

4. Are the faders in Lumit for pre-gain, mixer gain, and master gain at unity?
     Figure 3: Faders Highlighted Audio

5. Are solo and mute disabled?

6. Is your computer’s audio playback device correct?
Figure 4: Playback Devices

7. Have you tried bypassing all FX? If you find the issue to be VST related, please report it in the VST category of this troubleshooting section.

     Figure 5: Our Bypass Enabled on Gate

8. If you’re layering two identical audio files, have you made sure one is not inverted?
     Figure 6: Identical Layers with Invert

If you have determined the answer to be “yes” for all of these and the problem persists, contact us at [email protected]